About Us

Passion for design. Precision in every piece. Creative in all collections. Respectful to tradition & production. 
The very stitches that engaged Kayleigh’s Fashion.

Our brand launched in 2015 by Inuk designer, Kristy King of Arviat, Nunavut. We are a 100% Inuit fashion line providing outerwear in style, warmth and flexibility. Our parka designs come from and continue to grow in our small hometown of Arviat, Nunavut - a community with a very strong traditional background and culture in today's modern world. 


Kayleigh’s Fashion brings traditional and modern elements into a unique design that takes you anywhere. Comfortable elegant styles made to fit and especially keep you warm in arctic temperatures are the core goals of our collections. Made in the arctic, for the arctic, for you.



Kristy King, designer of Kayleigh’s Fashion. I am not the typical designer with schooling in fashion, but believe I made it far in this industry thanks to a very skilled, multi-talented, patient and precise instructor - my dear Mom. I have been a seamstress for 10+ years and have learned a whole collection along the way right from home. I come from a family of many seamstresses and now carry on the skills passed down from generation to generation. From creativity, sketch in imagination, stitching, pattern making and measuring, use of fabric and styles; the entire production of a unique and beautiful piece... comes from the very skills that came a long way. My pieces are each special in their own way, as each piece is inspired by the beauty of Inuit traditional designs and combining modern looks to create a one of a kind piece - most importantly all with the skills passed on from Mom. I am committed to and value my designs just as close as I am committed to our customers and audience. We work hard to keep our trends in style, yet keeping our tradition going even if it’s just a part of one special and original piece. 

Collaborating history and modern is the needle point of our creations. Every design has its beauty, and every designer has their own way of sparkling a meaning - our pieces sparkle the importance of keeping tradition alive in this modern world, yet giving a bold look to represent strength, inner beauty, and confidence.

For inquiries about us, our production and collections - please contact us!